Review: Joe Squared, Baltimore MD

When you thinking of Baltimore food, first thoughts belong to Chesapeake crab. The crabs here, steamed and seasoned with Old Bay, are as good as it gets. While the other old cities of the east coast (Philly, Trenton, New Haven, Boston, New York) have great pizza histories, Baltimore doesn’t. Technically south of the Mason-Dixon line, you have a better chance of finding good grits here than pizza. But we took our best shot.

On a prior visit, we searched for worthy pizza in the Fell’s Point area. I prefer that preserved stretch of harbor-front to the bigger and more popular rebuilt Inner Harbor, and it’s full of shops and restaurants. We had a nice time but fairly ordinary pizza there at B.O.P. Brick Oven Pizza. On this trip, research pointed to just a few places; we didn’t get to Matthew’s Pizzeria, which features a pizza topped with backfin crab meat, seasoned with Old Bay, or to Isabella’s Brick Oven, which appears to make a nice old-school kind of pie.

We opted for Joe Squared, which is about a 10 minute ride from Camden Yards to its location on West North Avenue. Like Roberta’s in Brooklyn’s Bushwick section and Pizza Brain in Philly’s Fishtown, Joe Squared is the hipster pizzeria that serves as an anchor attracting other businesses and restaurants to the gentrifying but once-desolate Station North neighborhood. Before its relocation to this neighborhood, Joe Squared was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

First floor dining area

View from the bar

We arrived early on a Friday night, attempting to get some pie ahead of the Orioles – Red Sox game. The first floor and bar area were …read more

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