Review: Pequod’s Pizza, Chicago IL

A visit to Chicago helped me clarify the basic types of pizza that are lumped into the “deep dish” category. The basic deep dish style is a bowl-style crust, where the bottom and high sides are relatively equal in thickness. Another variety adds a layer of dough on top of the cheese – it’s called stuffed pizza. Finally, pan style is (like the others) cooked in a pan, but with a thicker crust, shorter walls around the edge, and caramelized cheese around the perimeter.

Our first stop in Chicago was Pequod’s Pizza. The original location is in Morton Grove, but we visited the Chicago location on Clybourn Avenue. We arrived on a rainy Sunday night, and Pequod’s was packed. We waited about an hour for a table; conveniently, Pequod’s owns the Whale Tale, a restaurant and bar just two doors away, where you can have a drink and wait with your buzzer.

I’m not sure why you can’t place your order while waiting for a table, because it takes 45-60 minutes for your pie to bake and arrive. So you need a lot of time to enjoy this pizza. While waiting, I began my meal with the house salad, a pedestrian mix of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a few other garnishes, and bottled dressing. Meanwhile, there is a lovely aroma of baking pizza wafting through the restaurant.

Pan pizza

“Thin crust” pizza

Our party of four ordered one medium thin crust pizza with veggie toppings, and one medium pan pizza with sausage. The pies came out at the same time; while the thin crust pie looked ordinary, the pan pizza was beautiful, with a rich red sauce on …read more

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