Review: Exchequer Restaurant and Pub, Chicago IL

Prior to a recent trip to Chicago, the only memorable deep-dish pizza I’d ever had was the wonderful pie at

This spring, I experienced an excellent pie at Pizano’s (review HERE) in the Loop, which offers the basic deep dish style: a bowl-style crust, where the bottom and high sides are relatively equal in thickness.

While I didn’t sample a Chicago stuffed pizza with a layer of dough on top of the cheese, at Pequod’s (review HERE) I had a disappointing pan style pizza which featured a thicker crust, shorter walls around the edge, and caramelized cheese around the perimeter.

The bar as you enter; we ate in the rear dining room

The thick pies at Exchequer, nominally an Irish pub, don’t fit into any of the standard Chicago styles. I suppose the closest relation is the deep dish as served at Pizano’s, but the traditional Chicago deep dish pie features a sea of red sauce or crushed tomatoes on top. The pie at Exchequer instead is topped with a thick molten layer of cheese. Let’s examine how it stacked up.

With a colleague at lunch time, we ordered a medium deep dish pizza with sausage and spinach, which took about 35 minutes (fast, by deep dish standards) to reach our table.

The crust had the high side walls and a modest thickness all the way around. The outer cornicione and the underside had a near-perfect golden hue, and it had a buttery flavor with a texture somewhere between crumbly and flaky.

The most striking feature – visually – was the cheese. The thick layer of cheese on top of …read more

Source:: Pizza Quixote