Brick and Fire Pizza – Mayfield

I had been hearing rumblings for a couple months that there was a new pizzeria serving up wood-fired pizza on route 6 out past Eynon and if there is one thing that peaks my interest is wood-fired pizza because it provides so much flavor and really a whole different type of pizza than the traditional gas-fired brick oven. After verifying on facebook where the place was, I hopped in the pizza mobile and headed out. It was a pretty simple find, directly on Route 6 in what I think is Mayfield. It’s in a small strip mall, and one exciting thing I noticed right away was that there was an alleyway next to the building that had a patio with some tables and umbrellas for outdoor dining. I walked in and was put at ease by the small but comfortable and modern dining area.

I was greeted by who I eventually found out was the owner, who provided excellent service and is a super nice guy. I placed my order for a traditional 14″ cheese pizza which is says it will feed 1-2 people. Typically a 14″ pizza feeds 2-4 people, so I assumed this pizza was going to be pretty thin. The owner took my order and had a pizza at my table within 4 minutes which was very, very impressive! During those quick 4 minutes, I took a look at the menu and noticed that Brick and Fire does offer Delivery service and their menu is expected to expand in the near future with Sicilian Pizza, fried appetizers, buffalo wings, and Italian dinners.

When the pizza came out, it looked fantastic. The crust was razor-thin and very flexible, but had an incredible texture …read more