Product Review: Pizzacraft 00 Organic Pizza Flour

Next Level Pizza Making At Home: A Pizza Experiment Comparing All Purpose Flour to Pizzacraft 00 Pizza Flour

So I’ve made quite a few pizzas in my day, both in the pizzeria and at home. I’ve also heard many opinions on dough and what the best flour is to use. The vast majority of higher end pizza shops and pizza websites that I researched say that 00 pizza flour is the king and makes the best dough. The “double zero” refers to the finest grade of flour milled in Italy and has a similar consistency to baby flour. Many people who make fresh dough pizza at home simply turn to the classic All-Purpose flour to make their pizza. Pizza is a purpose, so why couldn’t you make it with “all-purpose” flour? You certainly can, and many people do, but does it make the best pizza or is 00 flour the king of the crust? I was on a mission to find out!

Before I began my experiment, I turned to Michael Brunetti, Owner of Brunetti’s Pizza in Scranton and Graduate of The American Institute of Baking. He shared a few basic things to know about making dough: “First all purpose flour is over processed and does not respond well when making pizza/ bread dough. The higher the gluten content ( protein) the better the quality of your product! There only 6 basic ingredients in pizza dough: flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, oil or some other form of leavening (lard, Crisco). When your dough is formed it begins a process close to fermentation, the sugar feeds the yeast which in turn breaks down the gluten, forming dough like cells that give your crust body , salt gives flavor, oil & …read more