Pizza Bible Trial #1

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I’ve owned the famous #pizzabible for a few years now… and it was about time I took it for a spin. For the past years, I’ve been hand-kneading my dough with some initial direction and refinement from Scott Wiener, so I didn’t want to make massive changes when moving to the kitchenaid. I bake in my home oven, typically with a stone on top and baking steel on the bottom. Oven goes up to 550 thank goodness.

As background, My hand-kneaded recipe for the past ~2-3 years has been the following 63% hydration:
500 grams flour (Robin Hood bread flour)
315 grams water- never cared about temperature
10 grams roland fine sea salt (blue top)
4 grams active dry yeast

Key Steps for original recipe:
1. Hand mix, flour & dry ingredients first, then water and knead together
2. Let rise for 20 minutes covered in plastic
3. knead and portion to 4 dough balls (small personal size)
4. Rise 2 nights 5. bake after 48 hour rise

This worked well and we enjoyed, but then I purchased a kitchenaid mixer and wanted some guidance on proper pizza prep.

I went to Tony’s intro/master recipe as the foundation, but because I didn’t have diastatic malt or proper flours (Bermuda issues), I used his METHOD, but kept my ingredients/portions. The only thing i added was the 5 grams olive oil … yum. I did follow his sequence, which as many of you know, involves temping the water, dissolving yeast before mixing, bulk fermenting overnight, and then only making 2 dough balls rather than 4. I didn’t wait 24 hours before assembling the pies, but probably around 19 hours

I admit these were a lot of changes for me, but it was fun to align to a recipe like Tony’s, and I know I have a lot of work moving forward.

Key Takeaways:
1. Welcome new mixer …read more

Source:: Pizza Lover Chicago