Product Review: Pizzacraft Pizza-Que Pizza Oven

PizzaQue: The Ultimate Tool to Bring Pizza to Your Tailgate!

One of my ultimate life-long bucket list items is to build an outdoor pizza oven in my backyard, and one of my all-time favorite activities is tailgating at events like sporting events and concerts. Take these two concepts and combine it with my unhealthy obsession with pizza, and there has to be some type of product that can blend these loves and life goals together! Enter the Pizzacraft PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven which I stumbled upon after shopping for other Pizzacraft products which I frequently use in my home pizzeria (kitchen). The concept really intrigued me because I could make a pizza in my back yard without heating up the oven and the whole house. I could take it to football games, concerts, and pretty much everywhere I wanted to make pizza!

Unboxing and Assembly

I checked out the reviews, and decided that the entry-level PizzaQue model was the one that would fit my needs and budget and ordered one. When the box arrived, I was so excited I felt like the father in the Christmas Story Movie when he receives the “Major Award!” The only thing missing was the wooden crate and “FRAGIL-E” marked on the side! I quickly dropped everything to open the box and put it all together. My first impression of the grill was that I was impressed at how heavy the gauge of the metal was. There were only a few pieces to assemble, and the instructions were very well written. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the grill, but that is because I was carefully reading each instruction and filming the process. Ever try to screw in a tiny bolt with giant …read more