Surf’s Up At Rocco’s Pizza Pub On Hawaii’s Big Island


Back in 2014, I took my first trip to Hawaii and was really disappointed with the pizza there (see here and here). I know… I know… Hawaii isn’t known for its pizza. But I was impressed with so many other dishes on that trip — from the care that was put into their preparation to the quality of the ingredients used — and it was too bad that didn’t translate to the pizza I ate there.

When I returned to Hawaii a few months ago, I was determined to track down some decent pies. My favorite spot on the trip was a family-run pizzeria on the western coast of the Big Island, about 10 miles south of Kona: Rocco’s Pizza Pub (79-7460 Mamalahoa Highway).

A brief note on how I ended up there. A family member made a non-urgent trip to the emergency room one evening. The ordeal took a few hours and as the clock struck 9PM, I was tasked with doing a food run. Not only was Rocco’s two minutes from the hospital. And not only did Rocco’s have decent reviews online. But… it was also one of the only places open in the area. So off I went.

I mention all of this because I ordered all of our food to-go, so I could bring pizza back to the hospital for everyone. I usually don’t review a full-service pizzeria solely based on its take-out operations. But I spent enough time at Rocco’s (pizzas are made to order) to get a strong feel for the place.

Rocco’s opened a year ago (although family members of the owners used to operate a pizzeria back in the day — so it’s in their DNA) in a complex that is home to a burger spot, noodle restaurant, and gelato shop. In the …read more

Source:: I Dream of Pizza