Review: Joe Bologna’s Pizza, Lexington KY

The drive from Lexington to Frankfort, Kentucky is a green (blue?) scenic vista of gently rolling hills populated with contiguous horse farms. Kentucky is known for its blue grass, its thoroughbred horses, and perhaps for cornbread, country ham, and fried chicken. But how’s the pizza?

“Sfingione” pie

Lexington is home to the Kentucky Wildcats, the most successful NCAA Division I basketball program in history. We searched for the iconic local pizza and discovered Joe Bologna’s, where locals have enjoyed the pizza served in a converted church since 1973, located near the University of Kentucky campus.

When I arrived at 4pm on a Wednesday in July, the large dining area was half full. By the time I left around 5pm, there was a wait to get a table. Clearly, Joe Bologna’s is a popular destination. The menu offered lots more than pizza, but I didn’t explore it. I had to choose between the regular round pizza and the pan Sicilian, and then between the regular and the thin crust variety.

I settled on the smallest round 8″ pizza, round pie, regular crust. Then I selected from the several specialties pies, and could not resist the intriguing “Sfingione” pie, which features a sauce made with diced onions and anchovies.

I ordered this Sfingione pie topped with pepperoni, and I chose a draft Kentucky Ale to go with it ($3.95 for a pint). The ale was crisp, cold, tasty, and an ideal match for a pizza.

When my pie arrived, it looked very small and I regretted not getting the 10″ pie, but I did find later that this pie filled me pretty well. The narrow cornicione …read more

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