$1 Pizza Party RETURNS to NYC


I’m EXTREMELY excited about this insane event happening next Wednesday in NYC. It’s called $1 Pizza Party and you should be able to guess what it’s all about from that clever name. Pizzerias from around NYC bring their pizzas to a single venue in lower Manhattan and sell slices for $1 each. There are drinks, desserts, and raffle tickets – all also available for just a buck. All the money goes to local NYC hunger relief organizations. This is the 9th year for $1 Pizza Party and it’s all produced by a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit called Slice Out Hunger. I love everything they do, partly because I run the organization.

Slice Out Hunger’s $1 Pizza Party
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
St Anthony’s Church @ 155 Houston St
Doors open at 6pm, close when the pizza runs out

Participating in the event is easy. You don’t even have to buy tickets in advance, you just line up at the door and purchase a ticket for every slice, drink, snack, or raffle entry you want. So $20 gets you 20 tickets to use inside the event venue. But that means the line is loooooong, so people often show up hours early just to get close to the front of the line. Pizza is available on a first-come-first-served basis, so that means the early bird catches the slice. HOWEVER, it is totally possible to skip to the head of the line by winning contests via Slice Out Hunger’s social media channels (@sliceouthunger on Twitter and Instagram, @sliceout on Facebook). OR you can pay your way to the front by purchasing a VIPizza Passport in advance for $100. That gets you and a friend to the front of the line with 10 tickets to share and the ability to …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours