Review: La Brea Bakery Cafe – Disneyland CA

On previous visits to Anaheim, I had given up on finding any pizza worth the calories. Visiting Anaheim is like going to the mall – the familiar chain stores and chain restaurants. All the best food is in Disneyland. It’s not quite authentic, but Disney always does a good job imitating any category of food.

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Still, I managed to stumble on some intriguing pizza, quite by accident. Downtown Disney is an area of shops and restaurants that does not require admission to the parks. In 2015, I went there to have breakfast at La Brea Bakery Cafe. La Brea is a huge bakery, making bread on both coasts, but also operates a cafe in Los Angeles and another at Disneyland.


Looking at the breakfast menu, I searched for something that emphasized the bread which has made the bakery famous. But then I saw the pizzas! I was going to resist pizza for breakfast until I saw the “Eggs in a Nest” option. This pie featured two eggs over easy, prosciutto, spicy marinara, and a big pile of arugula “nest.”

I ordered a decaf coffee, not the usual beverage for pizza, but it seemed right for the bread-and-eggs dish that this pizza promised. The coffee was remarkably good. Better than the good K-cups I’ve been drinking, better than Starbucks. The waiter told me is was “Silverback single origin” coffee, sourced from Rwanda. Powerful flavor but with a silky smooth finish.

The pizza arrived swiftly, and it was a pretty big personal pie. Beautiful to look at, with the huge puffy charred cornicione that is typical of …read more

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