Peppino’s, Revisited

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about five months since I posted on Facebook about a slice that I got at Peppino’s, which is in Chili, just off Chili Ave./33A. Peppino’s was recommended to me by a reader, whom I thank once again. I enjoyed the slice, and made a mental note to go back for a full pie.
A couple weeks ago, I finally made good on that, and picked up a pie to go.
The first question was what to order. Peppino’s has some interesting specialty pizzas on the menu, including a potato pie and my old standby, the Margherita, but this was a dinner pizza for my family and me, and since it was Thanksgiving eve, we didn’t want leftovers. So I went with half pepperoni and half green peppers and onions. My daughter likes the former, my wife the latter, and I’ll eat either.
Allow me to digress for a moment and say that I would also have been happy with half of either, and plain cheese on the other half, but in my experience that’s a bad decision. The toppings tend to act as a blanket on the cheese. So a half-cheese/half something-else pie never comes out right. Either the extra toppings don’t cook enough, or the cheese gets too brown.
This pie had a thin crust, with a darkly browned but not charred underside. The crust had a pleasant chewiness, and a crisp cornicione. The bottom was a little oily in spots, but I think that was due to oil that had seeped down after the pie was sliced, and mostly came from the cheese and pepperoni on top. It too about 20 minutes to get this pie home, which was likely a factor as well.
<img border="0" data-original-height="856" data-original-width="1023" height="166" src="https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tUv6oYofqJk/Wh22tk_zziI/AAAAAAAATZE/6w-t_bSdYz0ipF3s8bs6Bh5Ry8cNnYvRACLcBGAs/s200/Peppinos.JPG" …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza