Review: Alice Cucina Romana – Philadelphia, PA

One of my best-ever pizza experiences was my first taste of Roman by-the-slice “al taglio” pizza at Alice management team member Antonella

The pizza was spectacular, top to bottom, but mostly due to the medium-thick crust. If you start with great bread, you will have great pizza. Why don’t they sell this Roman style pizza in America, I asked?
Pizza al taglio in Rome
At long last, true Roman style pizzerias are opening on this side of the Atlantic. I was particularly keen on sampling the pizza at Rione, which opened in downtown Philadelphia in May, 2017. In fact, I was walking to Rione along Locust street when I saw Alice.
Alice – pronounced ah lih che – is the first American outpost of an Italian pizza franchise that was founded by Domenico Giovannini in 1990; I had read a blurb about Alice in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the location at Locust and 15th looked inviting on this damp and drizzly evening. I punted my plans for Rione and ducked into Alice Cucina Romana.

On one side there is a counter with stools, a few small tables, and a long display case of rapidly changing pizzas. That was my focus for this visit, but I was intrigued by the other half of the interior space, which is a coffee/gelato/dessert bar by day and a full service Italian restaurant by night, in partnership with the nearby Gran Caffe L’Aquila.

The pizza side

My appetite allowed for about two normal size slices, but I could have had four smaller slices, because the pie is sold by weight and cut to …read more

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