Top Six Cheese Pulls of 2017


Everybody loves lists, right? Well I bet you thought you were done with all the BEST OF 2017 lists, right? NOPE! I witnessed some hot cheese pulls last year (we can say that now!) and I’m proud to present them to you here. Try not to lick your screen.

Cheese Pull #6: Cloverleaf in Detroit, MI
This modest cheese pull occurred during my epic 2-day journey through Detroit’s pizza scene. This town loves its cheese and their indigenous pizza style doesn’t hide that fact. Some mix mozzarella with brick cheese, some just use mozz. The one thing you can bank on is that they don’t hold back! Cheese all the way up to the edge results in a deliciously charred cheese crust. The inner edges get the benefit of cheese flow, making possible some very exciting cheese pull opportunities.


Cheese Pull #5: Sam’s Restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
Service pulls (the Cloverleaf example) are great, but bite pulls are thrilling because you never know how intense it’s going to be until it’s happening. This happened when I took Mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesperson Eric Phillips on a tour to some great spots after he blasted NY pizza on Twitter. See a video of that tour here. Sam’s Restaurant has been around since 1930 and their cheese situation is straight-up 100% Polly-o whole milk low moisture mozzarella. No cheese drag here because the sauce is on top, but cheese pull can and does happen. Embrace it.


Cheese Pull #4: Emilio’s in Morris Park, the Bronx
Here’s an aggressive one! You can always expect serious pull from Sicilian pizza and that’s what we got on this tour stop on Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx. Such a beautiful cascade …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours