Review: Pizza-Grill.com Corleone Pizza, Trenton, NJ

Among the new pizzerias with pies worth seeking out, many are crafting Neapolitan-style pies. But as the Pizza Renaissance goes along, I’m seeing a wider variety of styles including rectangular pan-baked pies like the Detroit pizza at

Another relative newcomer with a rectangular pie is Pizza-Grill.com, whose name would never suggest anything beyond typical fast-food pizza. But the suburban Trenton location is one clue that you need some serious chops to sell a unique pizza here in the heart of Trenton tomato pie country.

The owner of Pizza-Grill.com is Marcello Mandreucci, a Sicilian immigrant and veteran restaurant owner in the region.
Take-out only at Pizza-Grill.com
Marcello has a wonderful story of how he came to recreate the “Corleone style” Sicilian pizza of his youth – I encourage you to read the review and story by Rich Pawlak at Edible Jersey, HERE.
Marcello’s first stop in America, Bordentown NJ
Based on that insider scoop, I made it a point to stop for this unique pie when passing through Trenton. It’s take-out only, with no real space to sit and eat inside.

What is a Corleone style pizza? It looks like a Sicilian pizza, but I found the dough to be light and airy yet crisp — much like that found in the Philly-style tomato pies offered at bakeries.
The Corleone, garnished with two fresh basil leaves

Don’t confuse a Trenton tomato pie, which is essentially a pizza with the chunky tomatoes laden over top the cheese, with a Philly tomato pie, which is …read more

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