Review: Mama Cozzi’s Hangry Tomato Frozen Pizza – ALDI

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The best ALDI frozen pizzas come from ALDI’s home country, Germany. For example, their occasional “Specially Selected” brand is an excellent value, on par with the Trader Giotta pies imported from Italy for Trader Joe’s.

Fun fact: there are two ALDI chains – North and South – in Germany, operated by competing brothers. One is the same as the American ALDI, the other operates here as Trader Joe’s.

Recently, my local ALDI (West Chester, PA) began carrying a few varieties of “Hangry Tomato” frozen pizzas in some splashy packaging. They feature spicy flavors and the regular price is $4.99 for a typical smallish frozen pie. When I saw them on sale for $3.49, I grabbed one each of the “Flamin’ Chicken” (20.55 oz.) and “The Sizzler” (18.35 oz.) varieties.

Flamin’ Chicken, pre-bake

The Sizzler, pre-bake

The chicken-topped pie featured buffalo ranch sauce with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, topped with Romano, Parmesan, onion bits, and spiced chicken chunks. The Sizzler also lacked red sauce; its base was siracha ranch sauce and mozzarella, and it was topped with Parmesan, Romano, jalapeno, and uncured pepperoni.

Flamin’ Chicken, post-bake

I often doctor frozen pizza by adding toppings, but I cooked these unaltered, following the package directions to bake them directly on the oven rack at 425 degrees for 18-20 minutes. They came out with a golden crisped crust and some nice top browning.

The Sizzler, post-bake

Given their modest size, I cut them into 6 …read more

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