Sarah Minnick of Lovely’s Fifty Fifty


What were you doing before you opened Lovely’s Fifty Fifty and how did you end up in the pizza game?
Prior to opening Lovely’s I had a restaurant down the street called Lovely Hula Hands. When it first opened in 2004, my boyfriend at the time ran the kitchen and my sister and I ran the front of the house. We ran that for almost five years and worked with different chefs throughout those years after my ex moved on from the kitchen. The process of hiring chefs and trying to find the right fit was very tiresome. I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people but I knew that I had to be in charge of the kitchen so that it had staying power. In 2000 when we opened Fifty-Fifty I started working in the kitchen making starters and ice cream and there was a friend of mine who made the pizzas. When he left after a couple years I took over the pizza making and I was pleasantly surprised that I loved it! At first I was a little terrified since I had never made pizza or bread, but I got a copy of Tartine Bread and started making bread every day. That process inspired the process for my dough and to this day, five years later, I still make the dough the same way.

Your pizzas are absolutely stunning both visually and in terms of taste. What inspires you in the creative process?
I am inspired by beautiful farm produce and I am a visual person and that is what grabs me first. Beautiful produce is also delicious so that part is easy. I like bright flavors and most pies I make don’t have sauce so the vegetables stand out. I work …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours