Nicole Russell of Last Dragon Pizza in Rockaway, NY

The most unique pizzeria in NYC just might be Last Dragon Pizza. It’s not a sit-down restaurant, but a pickup only location in the Rockaways. Word of mouth handles all their marketing and all the pizza is made by one person: Nicole Russell.

How and why did you start Last Dragon Pizza?
I started making pizza for fun (or as I jokingly say, greed) in 2013. I’ve always been a pretty good baker. My family would come to me to buy fresh baked bread all the time. My sister and I love pizza. I started my obsession with pizza slices in high school. I would go to my favorite pizzeria, Gino’s Pizza in Far Rockaway, everyday after school. Most of the old pizzerias I grew up on changed ownership and the pizza quality suffered. I started experimenting with dough for fun. In 2012, my home was affected by Hurricane Sandy and my sister was diagnosed with cancer. Making pizza was my only relief – the only thing that was bringing me joy during a very trying period in my life. One day I offered my pizza to construction workers and to my surprise they loved it. They came back the next day and that’s how I started selling pizza.

Where did you learn how to make pizza?
I learned how to make pizza by watching various videos on YouTube. My dough recipe and process for making homemade pizza at 500-600 degrees came with a lot of trial and error. I experimented with a lot with various flours from 00 to basic bread flours until I found a formula that made me happy. I worked hard to a pizza product that I actually enjoyed – that I felt was up-to-par with the pizzerias I loved. My taste influences are …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours