Ellen Fishman of Amorina in Brooklyn

What was your first job in the restaurant business and how did that lead to Amorina?
When I had two young children, my husband and I opened a small restaurant in Prospect Heights. Except for waiting tables (and slinging some pizzas) as a college student many years earlier, I had had absolutely no experience in the restaurant world. My husband’s family had operated a café and gelateria in Italy, so even though it was not a restaurant, he had spent his entire life in food service. When Albano, my husband, came here from Italy he did not plan on going into food service; but it turned out to be a strong impulse that he finally had to follow. It also turned out that he was a spectacular cook! So, with a law degree, young children and very little money, I was thrown into the life of a restaurant owner. We opened Amorina a couple of years after our first restaurant; Aliseo.

You make Roman style pizza at the restaurant. Can you explain the style and fill us in on why you decided to serve it in the first place.
There are two aspects to that: Like the Napoletano style, Roman pizza is generally, an individual size pizza, which is what we mostly produce, and what we are known for. What distinguishes it from Napoletano style, for example, is more explorative toppings, its pronounced crust and structure, also some nuances like its cooking temperature and conditions. The other part of the style is the increasingly popular focaccia-based slice pizza “al taglio,” tipically baked in a cast iron pan. We also have this at Amorina for takeout only.

We chose to play with Roman style pizza because the space we took over already had two stone deck ovens and we just loved …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours