Lacee Perry of Anodyne Coffee and Pizza


Anodyne is a coffee roaster that also makes pizza. How did that all come together? Was it coffee first, then pizza?
It seems a bit strange at first to have chosen pizza over sandwiches or more typical coffee shop offerings, but at the heart of it, both pizza and coffee are equally elusive creatures. We have been roasting coffee and operating retail cafes since 1999. We love coffee and it is really at the heart of what the company does, but pizza has always been a soft spot for me. My sister-in-law lives in Carol Gardens and we began visiting and eating as much pizza as our bellies could hold in the late nineties (when Grimaldis’ was where Juliana’s is and well before the fire at Totonno’s). We also took a trip to Italy during that time period and flew home with the intention to find pizza similar to what we had during our travels. This proved more difficult than we had anticipated! Pub pizza and deep dish prevailed (still do, really) in Milwaukee and we were not able to get wood fired pizza that stood up to what we had while we were in Italy. That’s when we took the leap and had a wood fired pizza oven installed in our tiny Bay View back yard. We loved making pizza as a hobby, and it was a great way to entertain family (I am one of 10 kids and my husband is one of 7, so family gatherings are generally big affairs…Irish/Italian Catholics). As we continued teedleing and fiddling with dough recipes and flour and toppings and heat and timing and fermentation times….some space became available in one of our cafes where we used to roast coffee. We moved the coffee roaster to a larger roasting space …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours