Review: DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies – Yardley PA

Over 35 years ago, a colleague in Princeton took me to Trenton’s storied tomato pie place, DeLorenzo’s. From the very first bite, I was smitten. Here was a thin and crunchy pizza that was better than any I’d had in my life, including

I’ve had hundreds of pizzas since then, all over America and even around the globe, but DeLorenzo’s has maintained its spot as #1 on my list of favorite pies. I visited the original Hudson Street location about a week before it closed (review HERE) and I’ve been to their new flagship operation in Robbinsville NJ (review HERE).

The new DeLorenzo’s location in Yardley PA

Robbinsville captures almost all the flavor and texture that we found on Hudson Street; if the pies differed at all, they seemed less oily in Robbinsville. Soon after the Robbinsville transition, we learned in 2014 that DeLorenzo’s was exploring a Pennsylvania location in Newtown, Buck County. That never came to be, but in February of 2018, the western branch finally opened in a new building complex in the historic Edgewood Village in Yardley.

Spacious dining room

There’s a cruel irony here, because this new location is less than five minutes from where I lived in Yardley for 22 years, and from which I’d trek across the river to Trenton to score a decent tomato pie at Papa’s, Joe’s, or DeLorenzo’s. Today, I now live an hour west of of Yardley, so the DeLorenzo pie remains a holy grail quest for me.

Fresh out of the oven

When I got the chance to be in Yardley, I phoned in an order for a large sausage pie to go. …read more

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