Roncone’s reconceived

I recently ran across a news story about Roncone’s, the long-time Italian restaurant on Lyell Avenue, saying that after a change of ownership, they now serve pizza. I was particularly intrigued by this as Roncone’s building still displays a sign for the old Veltre’s bakery, which I posted about back in 2011. Veltre’s made pizza, which in the early days they would sell at local bars, probably including Roncone’s.

So a few weeks ago, when my wife and I had a chance for a “date night,” we headed to Roncone’s for dinner. On this Friday evening at around 7:30, it was quite busy and we were told that without reservations, we were looking at maybe a 40-minute wait. That’s a bit beyond my usual tolerance for waiting time, but there was ample room at the bar, so I asked if we could eat there, which was no problem.
Pizza is such a recent addition to the menu that it wasn’t yet on the printed menu.There is a separate pizza station, with sliced pies out, and the pizza ovens in back. The pizza menu is printed on a chalkboard above.
My wife an I shared a medium cheese pie, and some garlic knots. The pie had a thin-to-medium crust, with a well-formed, crisp but not brittle cornicione. The crust had an enjoyably bready flavor and a chewy but not tough texture. The underside was charred here and there, with some corn meal visible, some of it a little burnt or sooty. Individual slices passed the “fold test” – no drooping when held in one hand, folded.
The toppings were simple of course, but good. Sauce had …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza