Review: DeLorenzo’s The Burg – Levittown, PA

I got to know Trenton NJ during the 1980s, which in retrospect were the glory years for Italian dining options. The city’s Chambersburg section was bursting with a full range of Italian restaurants from the homey and casual to the elegant upscale options.

And of course, Trenton was still full of many great tomato pie joints: Papa’s, Joe’s, DeLorenzo’s on Hudson Street, and the “rival” DeLorenzo’s on Hamilton Avenue. Around 1985, I scoffed when a Pizza Hut opened in Trenton. Who would buy a chain pizza in this iconic tomato pie town?

Trenton, though, has long been a city of new immigrants. The Italian and Polish neighborhoods began to change in the 1990s as the second and third generations took on new interests. Today’s Trenton is home to a new wave of Latin American immigrants, and just about every Italian restaurant and tomato pie joint has closed or moved to the suburbs. You can track the new bodegas and everything else in this evolving town at the wonderful website Hidden Trenton.

Casual booths, in front

Papa’s Tomato Pies and the Hudson Street DeLorenzo’s are prospering in Robbinsville, NJ. There is also a brand-new Pennsylvania outpost for that same DeLorenzo’s in Yardley, and we found it to be very much equal to the Robbinsville location.

Fresh out of the oven

Back when both DeLorenzo’s were in Trenton, I always felt that the pies from Hamilton Avenue were a distant second to the square-cut pies on Hudson Street, my favorite all-time pizza. If Hudson Street was a 10, Hamilton Avenue was a 6.

A sausage slice

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