Sprinkles and Shakes – Plains

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Along a busy section of River Street in Plains lies what looks to be an intriguing looking ice cream stand called Sprinkles and Shakes. It’s a quirky looking building with a ton of character, like many roadside ice cream shops, but a recent trip to the restaurant proved it was anything but just an ice cream stand. I first heard about S and S when they were a part of my annual NEPA Pizza Madness Tournament and did quite well. I follow every restaurant in Northeast Pennsylvania that serves pizza (I’m a dork like that), so naturally I sought out their facebook page and gave them a like and checked out there pics. I was surprised to see mouth-watering looking wood-fired pizza that I knew I must try one day.

The Wilkes-Barre area tends to be a bit of a hike for me so opportunities are limited, but I had business in the area, so I called up and ordered a pizza. When I arrived, I introduced myself to the owner, who by the way is a really awesome guy, and he gave me grand tour. I got a behind the scenes look at the incredibly nice wood fired pizza oven and learned quite a bit about the pizza. Check out the YouTube video below for that behind the scenes footage (Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!). First, I learned that the dough is aged for 4 days before using and that Barton, the owner, worked tirelessly for months to perfect his recipe and methods in making this pizza. I always say that some people take the art of pizza making for granted, because anyone can make …read more