Chuck E. Cheese’s (yes, really)

A reader recently asked if I’d tried Chuck E. Cheese’s new pizza menu. I will confess that I hadn’t been keeping up with CEC’s latest developments. Shame on me.

But I did recall seeing a story that they are trying to do more to attract an older crowd, or at least make the whole experience more tolerable for parents.

So I was intrigued enough to go, with my wife and teenage daughter, last Sunday to the CEC on Hylan Drive in Henrietta.

After passing through security, we went up to the counter. We opted for the #1 (Large) deal, which, for 35 bucks, gets you one large pizza, four soft drinks (there were only three of us, but it was still cheaper that way, I think, than a la carte) and 30 minutes of unlimited games. I ordered a “Thin & Crispy” pepperoni pizza. I noticed it’s not available in a medium size, which leads me to believe the crusts are pre-made. But that hardly came as a shock.

I guess this qualifies as “fast casual,” since we took a number and the food was delivered to our table. It took longer than I expected, 20 minutes, maybe, but when it arrived, well, the pizza wasn’t bad I’m not saying it was all that great, but it wasn’t bad.

Now I should mention here that I was quite hungry. It was about 1 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten since the night before. And my expectations were low. But I tried to take an objective view of the pizza, and I didn’t have much cause for complaint.

The underside was a little crisp, with some screen marks. Not crackly, but firm, with a chewy interior. The …read more

Source:: Rochester NY Pizza