A Brief History of Pizza in Spain

This is a guest post by Line Arias, who is a writer at Nonnabox.com. When she is not experimenting with food, she is either planning her next trip or writing poetry.

Pizza is one of those dishes that is enjoyed almost the world over. Decades after the dish was invented there, Italians still love their pizza. On average they eat 7.6 kgs each, per year. Miles behind the Americans who have been consuming commercially cooked pizza since 1905. Surprisingly, each American eats about 13 kg of pizza, per year.

This wonderful food is also very popular in other European countries, but consumption rates are still far lower. Take the Spanish, for example, they consume only about 4.3 kg per head. There are several reasons for this, some are purely cultural others are more tangible and, therefore, easier to understand and explain.

The fact that pizza has a relatively short history in Spain, partly explains why it is not eaten as often as it is in some other countries. This coupled with the fact that the Spanish were, and to some extent, still are, conservative eaters goes a long way towards explaining why not all of them have fallen in love with pizza, yet.

Italian Immigrants Make the First Spanish Pizzas
For decades, the Italians that relocated to Spain have cooked pizza at home. Many Spanish homes, especially those in the country, still have traditional wood-fired bread ovens outside. These traditional ovens are constructed in a very similar way to a pizza oven. So, there is no doubt that early Italian immigrants would have tried to cook pizza in them.

In fact, the owners of the only Italian run pizza restaurant located in Alicante got started by treating their Spanish neighbors to pizzas made in exactly that …read more

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