Napoli’s Pizza – Pittston

Napoli’s Pizzeria in Pittston has been a place that I have wanted to get to for as long as I have been operating this website. Outside of eating, writing about, and photographing pizza is talking pizza with people and hearing their suggestions of where the best pizza in NEPA is. I have a stable of regular tipsters who I rely on to give me the best spots and regularly receive hundreds of recommendations every year from readers. Since I basically study every pizzeria in NEPA that has social media, and combine what I see there with the recommendations, I can usually get a pretty good feel for if the pizza is worth the trip or not and I have a list of pizzerias. In the case of Napoli’s Pizzeria, I had a trusted pizza friend who was a proud Pittston resident consistently tell me how good the pizza there was and how great a guy the owner is. Travel distance and crazy schedules sort of kept me away from getting there, but I was finally in the area and had my big chance to head to Tomato Town and try this pizza!

As I walked in, I noticed they had a really awesome courtyard/patio next to their building with tables and seating for outdoor dining. I entered the building to find a really beautiful and impeccably clean dining room. I was greeted by the owner, who was very welcoming and generous with his time. We immediately struck up a conversation about pizza and the different methods he used to make his pizza special. I’m not at liberty to share his methods in this forum, but I’m very excited to try a few of his tricks at home in my pizza …read more