Review: Rione Pizza Al Taglio – Philadelphia, PA

In 2012, I first experienced Roman “al taglio” style pizza at the glorious Slices at Rione. Click on any image for full size picture

In 2012, the Pizza Renaissance in America was mostly about Neapolitan style pies. Superb renderings of the personal-size puffy and charred pies were coming out of 900 degree wood-fired ovens in the hippest parts of Brooklyn and other leading edge foodie towns.

Image from facebook.com/rionepizzaphilly

Happily, creative pie-o-neers have continued enhancing traditional styles and importing the classics. Philadelphia, a great pizza town by any measure, now has two Roman-style al taglio pizza joints.

I’ve been to Alice, the first American branch of an Italian chain, and the slices there were wonderful. It’s a hip space divided into simple slice shop on one side with a trendy full service cafe on the other side. Rione, which opened its doors some months before Alice, is a simple BYOB slice shop with perhaps ten tables.

Rione is close to the tony Rittenhouse Square region of center city Philadelphia. Arriving around dinner time on a warm Monday night, I noticed a brisk take-out business, but I was the only dine-in customer at the time (I can imagine a solid lunch hour business in this upscale part of Philly).
Dining area at Rione

Behind the counter there were about 10 different long rectangular pies from which I could choose slices, smartly arranged into “has meat” and “no meat” divisions. Unlike my al taglio experience at nearby Alice and in Rome, this pie is priced by the …read more

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