Angelo’s Pizzeria – Wilkes-Barre

Angelo’s Pizzeria – Worth the Wait

Angelo’s Pizzeria in Wilkes-Barre has been by far the pizzeria that has been recommended to me most by readers over the years. I have had a hard time getting there for a few reasons: travel distance, unique business hours, and the fact that Angelo’s is always busy and I am not the type who likes to wait. I’ve been eating pizzas in NEPA for more than 3 decades and reviewing pizzas for over 7 years, but somehow never made it to Angelo’s to try their pizza. I made several attempts, but they were either closed or busy, and on one trip I ended up going to nearby Gerry’s Pizzeria because we wanted to sit down and eat. After all of these failed attempts to try this iconic pizza, I was in town one Friday afternoon and decided today would be the day to cross Angelo’s off my pizza bucket list.

I’ve heard a lot about Angelo’s over the years, mostly that they have a sweet sauce, they have been around forever, they have a small shop, and are beloved by many. The hundreds of people who recommended this pizzeria to me set a very high standard for Angelo’s to meet. If you read my reviews, you would know I’m generally not a fan of sugary sweet sauce, so I hoped that is not what I was getting into. After doing a little research, I noticed that Angelo’s has a regular sauce and a sweeter sauce, so I went with the regular and called in my order for takeout. I was told to pick it up in 20 minutes which was unexpectedly fast and I was 25 minutes away so I had to put the …read more