Why I Celebrated 10 Years of Pizza Touring with a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza

Tuesday was the new Friday when I was growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 1990s. That’s the night my family would visit our local Pizza Hut, conveniently located directly in the middle of my hometown. It was one of those vintage red-roofed hut-shaped structures we now see disguised as burger joints, bookstores, and veterinary clinics (thanks to the blog Used to Be a Pizza Hut for documenting them). I remember so much about that Pizza Hut from the salad bar in the center to the textured red Coca Cola cups to the stained glass light fixtures to the terribly slow service. We had at least half a dozen independent pizzerias in this 25,000 person commuter town, which we patronized regularly, but Pizza Hut was for special occasions. It was a pizza restaurant, not a slice shop like all the others. A visit there was reserved for special occasions: Tuesdays.

I don’t know if it was the policy of the Pizza Hut company or of my local location, but Tuesday night was specially designated Book It night. This was Pizza Hut’s program that awarded a free personal pan pizza to any participant who read five books in one month. Every participant got a neat hologram pin with five blank spaces in which we paced a gold star for every book we read. It was a brilliant ploy to bring in bodies on an otherwise slow night and it totally worked. Most tables had at least one kid enjoying a personal pan pizza while the rest of their families paid full price. There was even a free toy when Pizza Hut had a media partnership to tout. The only one I clearly remember was the pair of futuristic sunglasses that somehow promoted Back to the …read more

Source:: Scott Pizza Tours