Review: Roberta’s Wood Fired Pizza (Frozen)

I’ve made the trek to Bushwick, that worn-down part of Brooklyn being revitalized as young hipsters find Williamsburg and Park Slope to be too expensive.

One of the earliest signs that Bushwick would be an attractive neighborhood was the opening of Roberta’s Pizza, where the Neapolitan pizzas are both faithful to the authentic Naples version yet creatively American in toppings. Roberta’s makes one of America’s best Neapolitan pies.

The pizza I ate at Roberta’s in Brooklyn

Frozen pizza, on the other hand, rarely reaches gourmet level. It’s tasty and passable, especially the rising-crust style frozen pies. The best frozen pizzas I’ve had to date, though, are the small thin Neapolitan-ish pies at Trader Joe’s (the Trader Giotto brand, imported from Italy) and the occasional specialty frozen pizza from ALDI (but only those imported from Germany).

With that as background, I was delighted to learn that a line of Roberta’s frozen pizzas are now available at Whole Foods. There are two varieties – a base Margherita and the “Baby Sinclair” which is a white pie with kale. At my local Whole Foods, I bought the Sinclair because it was the only style available.

Neither pie contains any meat ingredients. The packaging is novel in that you have clear plastic shrink wrap instead of a cardboard box; this allows you to see exactly what you are buying. These are small 9.7 ounce pizzas, and priced at $11.99. Expensive compared to almost any other pizza, but cheap when compared to a fresh pie at any high-end pizzeria.

Before baking

I followed the package instructions, cooking it for five and a half minutes at 450 degrees, …read more

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